While seeking fresh admission, parents should produce transfer certificate from the school where the child studied last duly signed by the competent authority. application for admission into UKG and class 1 should be accompanied by birth certificate.

A child seeking admission to class one should have completed five year age on 1st April. the age for admission to other classes shall be reckoned accordingly. Relaxation of age is not permissible. the school will admit profiles from all recognised school on production of transfer certificate duly signed by a competent authority of the educational department.

  •  Application for a transfer certificate should be given in writing to the principal by the parents/ guardian of the people. a minimum of one week’s notice is required to issue the transfer certificate.
  •  Pupil who intends to leave the school had clear all the fees/ due of the School Before taking the transfer certificate.
  •  A student once removed from the roll will not be admitted only on payment of re-admission fee provided the seat is available in the class. every student at hand but cool even for one day in a term, fee for the full term will have to be paid.